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How do I build ?

Because I have so many ideas and I hate them all

Hallo Plume!

Die Suche nach einer freien Bloggingplattform geht weiter.

4-Remplacer les réseaux sociaux propriétaires par le Fediverse

Dans ce blog, qui est encore en construction, je décris l’approche que j’ai suivi pour reprendre le contrôle de mes données personnelles en remplaçant les outils commerciaux par d’autres, souvent open-source, ou qui ne pratiquent pas le traçage. Pour le moment je me contente de lister les solutions adoptées. L'argumentation viendra progressivement avec la maturité du contenu

An Introduction

We're Back!

Plume version upgraded from 0.4.0 to 0.7.1

Removing Federated feed from Plume interface

First thing I noticed when I installed Plume, is that I have "Federated feed" menu item, and that it starts to aggregate articles from external blogs I've never subscribed (may be just watched them through my interface). These articles seems to be spam-like articles. I do not want them to be published on my host, for sure.

Plume on NixOS

This Plume instance is built with a Nix Flake

Change in Rules

These changes are effective starting December 1, 2021. 

Hello World

Welcome to our new Plume blog, more content will be coming soon. Stay tuned!

Trump’s new social media platform suspected as disguised fork of Mastodon

Now his media company has 30 days to comply to it's license the Software Freedom Conservatory says